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How to Spread Ashes for a Loved One

In the past, some people were reluctant to be cremated after their passing. However, there are now more than 14,000 cremation services around the United States.

As more people decide that being cremated is the right choice for them, there are also more people who need to know how to spread ashes once the cremation process is complete.

Not everyone puts a lot of thought into how they will manage the process of spreading ashes. However, taking the time to learn more about this process will help you create the best experience possible for you and anyone else involved.

Done right, spreading the ashes of a loved one can help you enjoy greater peace as you look back on this important memory. Read on to learn all about the top things to keep in mind when it comes to spreading ashes for a loved one.

Involve Everyone as Soon as Possible

The first thing to keep in mind is that other people might want to be involved with every part of planning how you will spread the ashes of a loved one. Some people never think of this and assume that anyone who wants to be involved will simply attend the scattering ceremony itself.

However, what if someone is not able to make it to the ceremony? In such cases, they might feel better if they were involved earlier on.

Even before your loved one passes on, it can be helpful to start making plans for how everyone will be involved. However, if that time has already passed, you will still want to start making plans with everyone as soon as you can.

Discuss Scattering Ashes During Your Funeral Planning

Sometimes, the best time to talk about scattering ashes is during or after the funeral. Everyone will be gathered together and grieving over the loss of a loved one. Some people may feel that they still want to do more before they feel like they can move on.

Giving them the opportunity to be involved in planning how you will scatter the ashes of a loved one can be the perfect way to help people continue looking for closure.

On the other hand, some people might feel that they have already said their goodbyes once the funeral is complete. If you know that some people do not feel the need to be included beyond that, you will not have to track their preferences while you continue deciding how you will scatter the ashes.

Get as Clear as Possible With the Crematorium

Some people come up with elaborate plans for how they will manage scattering ashes without ever speaking with the crematorium. Then, when they actually get the ashes, one or more details are not the way they imagined them. You will be able to make a much more reliable plan for scattering the ashes of a loved one if you know exactly how the crematorium will manage the cremation process.

Make sure you know in advance how and when your crematorium will provide you with the ashes. You might want to ask them things like whether the ashes will be contained in a bag or an urn.

Some urns are designed so that their tops do not come off. If you intend to scatter the ashes of a loved one, you will want to coordinate with your crematorium to make sure that they provide you with the ashes in a way that allows you to scatter them easily.

You might also want to walk the crematorium through your plans. Then, you can ask them to point out any problems that might come up based on how they handle the cremation process.

Around this time, you will often discover that the crematorium can provide you with the ashes in a number of different ways. You might want to consider your options for a while before deciding which option is right for you. Some people even ask to have the ashes given to them in multiple containers so that several people can take some of the ashes home with them.

Discuss How to Scatter Cremation Ashes

Once you have all the details taken care of, you can start putting together specific plans with everyone who wants to be involved. Consider creating a wide variety of ways you might scatter the ashes.

You might consider many different locations, times, and methods. You can think about things like how each person who attends the ceremony will participate. You might want to have someone speak, perform music, or otherwise add to the ceremony.

However, as you start to make these plans, make sure you understand what kind of legal issues will affect them.

Learn About the Laws of Scattering Ashes

Some people wonder, “Is it legal to spread ashes?” The answer is that it can be, but there are also places where spreading ashes is off-limits.

In many cases, national forests and other public places permit people to scatter ashes there. If you would like to scatter the ashes of your loved one in such a place, you will need to check their website to see if you can.

As a general rule, it is safest to spread ashes on private land. In such cases, all you need is permission from the landowner.

Many people love the idea of spreading ashes in the ocean. However, it is illegal to spread ashes near the beach. You have to get at least 3 miles away from the shore before it is legal to spread ashes in the ocean.

Rivers and lakes tend to be a mixed bag. You will need to check with the relevant authorities before you know if you can scatter ashes at any specific lake or river. On the other hand, you may only need to think about these details if you do not intend to scatter ashes on private land.

Consider Scattering Things Along With the Ashes

As part of the scattering ceremony, you might want to scatter other things as well. Some people discard or burn items with sentimental value during a scattering ceremony. It is worth thinking about any objects you might use in the ceremony that will make it more memorable or meaningful for you or anyone else involved.

Decide When You Will Scatter the Ashes

People often have to drop everything to attend a funeral. However, you’ll have a lot more leeway when it comes to scattering ashes. If someone wants to be involved but is not available at a certain time, you can always put the ceremony off until later.

Some people prefer to scatter the ashes as soon as possible after the funeral. However, others prefer to wait for the anniversary of the funeral or another date with special significance.

Consider floating a number of ideas to everyone who wants to be involved and see if you can find a date that works with everyone’s schedules and preferences.

Polish the Ceremony Details

Try running through a mock scattering ceremony based on all of the plans you have already. In some cases, you might find that all the details have already been taken care of. However, you might also find that there are a few things left to figure out.

If there are, finish designing your ceremony until you know exactly how you will handle everything. During such an important ceremony, even small errors or unexpected issues can affect the mood for the worse.

Decide Who Will Scatter the Ashes

One of the most important things to decide will be who will scatter the ashes. Of course, more than one person can be involved in this process.

Some families decide that two or three people will hold an urn together and pour out the ashes. Others move the ashes into several smaller containers so that everyone can help scatter them. You might also think about whether you want to scatter all of the ashes at once or whether you will scatter a fraction of them at a time.

Take the Weather Into Account

Make sure that you know how you will handle the scattering ceremony if the weather is rough. Depending on your plans, you might simply push the ceremony to another day if the weather is not suitable.

Keep in mind that some people will remember the precise details of the scattering ceremony for many years to come. It might be worth going out of your way to make sure that everything contributes to creating a comforting experience.

Know How to Spread Ashes for a Loved One

We hope that learning more about how to spread ashes will help you create a meaningful experience. Some people do not get as much out of scattering ashes as they would like because they approach the process in a casual way. Taking the time to reflect on how you would like to manage scattering ashes can help you create a memory that will provide you with strength and comfort for years to come.

To find out more about how you can find the right Fort Worth cremation services for you, contact us at Lone Star Cremation at any time.

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