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How Long Does a Cremation Take? A Look Into the Process

Are you planning a cremation for a loved one? One factor you’ll have to take into account is time. How long does a cremation take? The timeline can vary based on several factors. While the actual process only takes a few hours, it could be […]

How to Spread Ashes for a Loved One

In the past, some people were reluctant to be cremated after their passing. However, there are now more than 14,000 cremation services around the United States. As more people decide that being cremated is the right choice for them, there are also more people who […]

10 Tips for Choosing Cremation Services

Have you recently lost a loved one? Did they opt for a cremation in their will? If so, you might be searching for cremation services. The question is: how do you choose the right cremation services? There are a number of things you need to […]

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