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Best Cremation Jewelry: 9 Ways to Carry Your Loved One with You

It’s human nature to cling to the ones we’ve lost. History shows that for millennia, we’ve been memorializing our lost loved ones through jewelry to keep them close. This practice was popularized in recent centuries thanks in part to Queen Victoria, who had at least eight pieces of jewelry made to incorporate her husband’s hair after his death.

In the years since, we’ve come up with even more ways to keep mementos of our loved ones around. Some of today’s best cremation jewelry options allow the wearer to keep ashes, hair, and more close to their hearts. Even better, the range of modern styles means that anyone can find a piece that fits their preferences.

If you’ve heard little about the options for cremation jewelry, we’re here to help. At Lone Star Cremation, we have experience with a range of jewelry types, and we often get questions about them from clients. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular and timeless styles of memorial jewelry.


1. Urn Necklace


Also called an “urn vial,” urn necklaces are just what they sound like: a tiny cremation urn. These necklaces act as a receptacle for a loved one’s ashes.

Often, urn necklaces do not open. Instead, they are an enclosed piece of jewelry for permanent storage.

Some of the most common urn necklaces look like simple vials. They’re available in a huge range of metals, sizes, lengths, and materials to meet your desired style. It’s also easy to get engravings that allow you to personalize the pendant with names, dates, quotes, and other mementos.

Because urn necklaces often look like small vials, they are among the most recognizable types of cremation jewelry. Some styles may even be obvious at a glance, looking like a small version of a traditional urn. If you are struggling to cope with grief and you’re not ready to answer questions about your jewelry, this may not be the best choice for you.

Also, keep in mind that most experts won’t advise wearing these necklaces if you know you’ll be submerged in water. Occasional exposure to moisture (such as when you’re running through the rain) won’t hurt, but the last thing you want is for water to creep into the urn itself.


2. Pendant Necklace


For a subtler approach to this type of meaningful jewelry, consider getting a pendant necklace made with the ashes of a cremated loved one.

Unlike urn necklaces, pendant necklaces will often seal the ashes within the material itself rather than enclosing them within. This makes it easy to choose a pendant in any style or metal you can imagine. However, many options will instead include a small hollow space you can open and close to fill with ashes.

Common designs for pendant necklaces include crosses, hearts, the tree of life, circles to represent eternity, and other symbols that are meaningful to the wearer or the deceased. These designs can also incorporate gemstones and other materials. Engravings are a common addition as well.


3. Locket Necklace


If you prefer a piece of cremation jewelry in a more sentimental style, a locket may be the way to go. This timeless and traditional choice symbolizes that you hold the necklace’s contents close to your heart.

Like the options above, locket necklaces come in a huge range of sizes, styles, and metals. The most common option by far is the classic heart or oval shape, but these are far from the only designs. Gemstones and engravings can further customize the look of this memorial jewelry.

Sometimes, locket necklaces seal the ashes within the metal of the necklace itself. However, you can also find styles in which you’ll add the ashes to the necklace after receiving it.

One bonus of choosing a locket necklace is that you can open it to add extra mementos of your loved one. Many people choose to store a photo, dried flowers, a lock of hair, or other keepsakes within.


4. Cremation Bracelet


If you don’t often wear necklaces, a cremation bracelet is a great alternative. These types of memorial jewelry allow you to keep your loved one close and come in a range of masculine and feminine styles.

Cremation bracelets contain one or more hollow areas for storing the ashes of your loved one. Some of the most popular options include a small, hollow metal bead or bar for this purpose. As with some of the options above, it’s important to make sure you aren’t wearing this bracelet when swimming or bathing.

This bead or bar can be engraved with words, dates, or even an image of your loved one. Some people even choose to use a copy of their loved one’s signature or fingerprint as the engraving.


5. Cremation Ring


Cremation rings are another popular choice, especially if you want to use a small amount of ashes after dividing them. These pieces can be large and bold, but they can also be slim and discreet for people who prefer subtler jewelry. It’s also versatile: putting the ring on a chain to be worn around the neck is a great option when it doesn’t match your current outfit or you want to protect the piece while working with your hands.

Like a cremation bracelet, this type of jewelry includes a hollow compartment into which you’ll add your loved one’s ashes. Some people also choose to add other mementos like a lock of the deceased’s hair.


6. Cremation Earrings


This is one of the rarer options for cremation jewelry. Some people prefer to choose jewelry styles that need to be removed less often. However, earrings can be a beautiful and non-traditional way to pay tribute to a loved one’s memory, whether you put them on every morning or wear them only on special occasions.

With cremation earrings, you’ll often have a hollow compartment in each earring into which you’ll add some of the ashes. Alternatively, some jewelry makers will seal the ashes within the metal itself during the pieces’ creation.

Cremation earrings come in many different styles, from subtle studs to long and glittering pendant earrings. Depending on the size, you may be able to fit a small amount of other mementos, such as a lock of hair or some dried and crushed flowers, within them.


7. Memorial Diamonds


It’s hard to mention cremation jewelry without talking about memorial diamonds. Though these aren’t technically jewelry pieces in and of themselves, they can be a great option when commissioning your own custom memorial jewelry.

With modern tools, experts can turn your loved one’s ashes into a beautiful diamond. This works in much the same way as diamonds form in nature: pressured carbon. The result is an heirloom-quality gem that looks as beautiful as any beautiful lab-made diamond.

Because diamonds are long-lasting and durable, they can be a powerful symbol of the timelessness of your love.

Though diamonds are by far the most popular option for gems created from ashes, it’s also possible to find jewelry makers who experiment with other gemstones. Do your research to see which options speak to you.


8. Resin Cremation Jewelry


Resin cremation jewelry has blossomed in popularity in recent years.

These options are often completely made with resin or glass, though some may include metals as well. With resin jewelry, crafters infuse a piece of clear resin with your loved one’s ashes. The result is harder than stone.

With this resin, artisans can create a wide spectrum of colors and effects. Some resin jewelry may be designed to look like a gemstone, while others may be painted with flowers or swirls. Some artisans will even encase small objects in the resin, such as leaves or pressed flowers, to personalize the result.

Once complete, the resin gem can be set into a necklace, bracelet, or ring. Some rings are made entirely from resin, creating a unique and memorable look.


9. Cremation Keychain


Though it isn’t a form of traditional jewelry, a cremation keychain can be perfect for someone who doesn’t often wear the items listed above. Even better, most of us carry our keys every day, making a keychain the perfect accessory for ongoing remembrance.

Like the types of jewelry mentioned above, cremation keychains often include a hollowed compartment for your loved one’s ashes or hair. Depending on the source of the keychain, this may be a compartment you can open and close or one that’s sealed after the ashes are added.

If you prefer steering clear of traditional jewelry, other unique cremation keepsake ideas can be a good option.


Find the Best Cremation Jewelry


If you’re hoping to memorialize your loved one while keeping them close for years to come, there’s no better option than cremation jewelry. Whether you prefer stunning pendant necklaces or a glittering diamond ring, there are plenty of ways to find a style that matches your interests and pays tribute to the one you love.

Here at Lone Star Cremation, we want to help you remember your loved one in whatever way suits you. Our collection includes some of the best cremation jewelry around, from fingerprint pendant necklaces to silver rings. Even better, our high-quality jewelry is easy to personalize and will last a lifetime.

Shop today or get in touch with us to learn more.

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