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11 Unique Cremation Keepsake Ideas for Your Loved One’s Ashes

One of the most popular things to do with cremated remains is to scatter them in nature. For some, this process feels like letting go of the pain of loss. But for others, it feels like saying goodbye forever.

At the same time, storing cremated ashes in a stationary urn may feel wrong, too. Your loved one deserves to live freely, just as they did in life. That’s why you need a cremation keepsake.

This guide will discuss 11 of the most creative cremation keepsakes available. Read on to find the best one for you.

1. Cremation Artwork

Making paint from ashes is not a new idea. Ancient cultures have used the ashes of bones, wood, and other organic materials to create pigments for millennia. Your loved one’s ashes can become part of this ancient tradition.

One of the best things to do with cremation pain is to create a work of art with it. You could commission a painting of your loved one from an artist you love or create a painting yourself as part of your grieving process.

These paintings will consist of shades of black and white due to the color of the paint. The colorway will ensure that your precious painting will go with the decor in whatever room you choose to display it.

This idea can be especially meaningful if the deceased was an artist or a lover of paintings.

2. Cremation Tattoos

Another unexpected medium produced from cremation ashes is tattoo ink. You can create a permanent memorial to your loved one with a meaningful tattoo created from their ashes.

This practice is safe and an increasingly common way to honor the lost but never forgotten. You can get a tattoo of your loved one’s likeness or create an epitaph-like saying in their honor.

If you don’t want to use the ink on your skin, you can also consider using it to write with. You may use the ink to create sketches or write a grief journal. Or you can have the ink pen engraved and hold onto it as a keepsake.

This is a great idea for honoring writers, tattoo enthusiasts, or even tattoo artists who have passed.

3. Cremation Jewelry

Cremation jewelry is a beautiful way to carry your loved one with you wherever you go. There are options for men and women, and they come in various metals, price ranges, and designs.

Rings feature a central compartment beneath the main stone where you can store a small amount of ashes. Necklaces hold hollow charms that hold your loved one’s remains.

You can also find fingerprint jewelry with small compartments for storing your loved one’s ashes. These items are etched with your loved one’s fingerprint to always remind you of their uniqueness.

No matter what kind of cremation jewelry you want, Lone Star Cremation can help you find the perfect keepsake.

4. Cremation Stones

Cremation stones are rocks created from your loved one’s solidified ashes. These unique vessels consist of 100% of your loved one’s ashes. In the end, most people receive anywhere from 40 to 60 stones.

With so many beautiful cremation stones, you can give one to each member of your immediate and extended family. You may even have a few stones left over for friends, mentors, and others.

Another option is to spread the stones in nature, as you would with a traditional ash scattering ceremony. You could stack the stones in one place like a gravestone, or you can scatter them one by one.

Each recipient of a cremation stone can choose the option that is right for their healing process.

5. Cremation Wind Chimes

Not all cremation urns have to sit inside on the fireplace mantle; some are designed for outdoor use. A perfect example of this is a cremation wind chime urn.

These beautiful decorations can hang over a garden memorial. Or you can place it over your loved one’s favorite place to have their morning coffee or enjoy the sounds and scenes of nature.

Cremation wind chimes will not decay over time, either. They consist of weathering-resistant hardwood and aluminum to stand up to whatever your climate throws their way.

This option is perfect for honoring a loved one who enjoyed nature or music.

6. Cremation Hourglasses

Your loved one’s time on Earth may have been cut short. But you can remember them for all time with a beautiful and meaningful cremation hourglass charm necklace.

These hourglasses feature a removable top through which you can pour your loved one’s cremated ashes. Just screw the top back on and add a little glue to keep it tight for a permanent resting place for your loved one.

Because they store such a small amount of ashes, you can fill up multiple and gift them to your loved one’s family and friends. That way, they will always carry a reminder around their necks.

Hourglasses represent time’s inevitable passing, but they also symbolize new beginnings when the sand runs out and you turn it over.

7. Cremation Glasswork

Glass sculptures are breathtaking works of art that can be infused with your loved one’s ashes. They come in many shapes, sizes, and styles so that you and your loved ones can customize an art piece you will love to show off.

Cremation glasswork can take the shape of Forever Hearts, Eternal Flames, and spheres in multiple sizes and colorways. You can also get a cremation glass pendant to wear on a necklace.

At Lone Star Cremation, we also offer paw print glass art. That way, you can store your beloved pet’s cremated remains and remember him or her forever.

We recommend this option to celebrate the life of an artist, art enthusiast, or lover of all things beautiful

8. Cremation Vinyls

Did your loved one enjoy listening to old vinyl records? If so, incorporating their ashes into a playable record could be the best way to remember them and give them a final resting they would love.

The ashes are pressed into the vinyl during the production of the record. Then, you can ask to have any song or album recorded on it. You can even request a mix tape of your loved one’s favorite songs of all time.

Only a small amount of ash is needed to produce these records. So, you can hand them out to your loved one’s closest friends and most beloved family members to listen to when they are missing the deceased.

Perfect for music lovers, cremation vinyls are also one of the best ways to support your grieving journey.

9. Cremation Ammunition

It seems like there is no limit to the types of products ashes can be incorporated into these days. An excellent example of this fact is the increasing popularity of cremation ammunition.

Your loved one’s ashes will be packed into bullets, which can be made in any caliber. You and your family can use the ammunition in the same way you would do an ash scattering ceremony or hold onto it as a keepsake.

This option is safe for the environment, too. The ammunition will bear no significant differences from real bullets. That way, you can use them however you please.

Cremation ammunition is ideal for celebrating hunters, veterans, gun enthusiasts, and law enforcement officers.

10. Cremation Diamonds

Cremation diamonds are different from jewelry that holds your loved one’s ashes. Companies can use these ashes to create an engineered diamond in a lab.

These lab-grown diamonds can then be fitted to any type of setting. You could replace the diamond in an engagement ring or divide the diamond into smaller pieces for earrings, bracelets, or charms.

The only downside to this option is that it can be quite expensive. Lab-grown diamonds don’t cost as much as real, mined diamonds. Still, they are not as affordable as a piece of cremation jewelry with a compartment for ashes.

While this option may not work for everyone, diamonds are forever, making this the most long-lasting way to preserve your loved one’s memory.

11. Cremation Keychains

If you like the idea of cremation jewelry but want something more low profile, a cremation keychain may be just what you need. This option features a small urn attached to the end of a key ring.

The urn has just enough space to store some of your loved one’s ashes. You can carry them with you wherever you go. Or you can put the urn on a necklace for a more minimalistic style of jewelry.

No matter how you choose to bring your cremation keychain, it will ensure your loved one will be by your side at all times. It is also discreet, so no one has to know if you don’t want them to.

Plus, a cremation keychain is the best way to honor a lover of cars, road trips, or someone who was always losing their keys.

Find the Right Cremation Keepsake in DFW

Cremating your loved one’s remains doesn’t have to mean saying goodbye forever. Consider storing some of their ashes in a keepsake like the ones on this list to keep them by your side forever.

Are you searching for a cremation keepsake by which to remember your loved one? Lone Star Cremation has a wide range of options for you. Shop our cremation keepsakes to find the right one for you.

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