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An Overview of Traditional Cremation: Types of Cremation

An Overview of Traditional Cremation: Types of Cremation

Did you think that all cremations were the same? That isn’t the case! Learn about the types of cremation and it’s History here!

In recent years more people are choosing cremation, with the rates reaching 56%. This is a huge leap compared to the 5% of Americans in the 1970s.

Many believe that cremation is becoming a more popular option due to cost. Cremation also offers families more options since there are different types of cremation.

There are many reasons why someone may choose to be cremated rather than buried. For some, this creates a more personalized experience where loved ones can hold onto the ashes.

Keep reading to find out more about the different types of cremation.

What is Cremation?

Many people have heard of cremation but may not understand what it means. If this is an option you are considering, you want to do your research on the topic.

Even though this is a good option for most people, it may not be right for you. You want to choose an option that you are comfortable with and understand the process.

Cremation is a method of body disposition that is different than a traditional burial. The deceased goes into a furnace that’s used as a cremation chamber.

It takes several hours at high temperatures for the cremation process to be complete. The family can usually choose to have their loved one clothed or unclothed for this process.

What’s left of the body is often called cremains, although most people just referred to it as ashes. These ashes are then transferred to an urn or a special container bought by the family.

The family is then left to do with the ashes as they wish. Many people will let their loved ones know how they want their ashes to be treated.

Some people choose to keep the ashes, bury them at a site, or disperse them at a ceremony. Nowadays, you can even turn ashes into memorabilia like jewelry or pieces of decor.

What is the History of Cremation?

If you’re interested in the different types of cremation, you may want to know about the history. Cremation types have been around since the early Stone Age and were very popular.

It’s believed that cremations were commonly found in places like Europe and the Near East. This practice spread as archaeologists found decorative pottery urns in different locations.

Many parts of the world adopted cremation and turned it into a burial custom. It was also used for health reasons to safely dispose of bodies so that they cannot create sickness.

This was a practice also used to bury slain warriors when many people died at the same time. The Romans embraced this option, so much so that bodies were sometimes cremated in the city.

The main cultures that turned away from cremation were the Christians and Jews. This was due to religious reasons and the belief that cremation was a pagan practice.

Modern-day cremation only came to play a little over a century ago. A lot of experimentation had to go into developing a chamber that cremated correctly.

In 2019, there were over 3,000 crematories available in the United States. There were also 1.5 million cremations done in that year.

Types of Cremation

Now that you understand your cremation options, you need to know the different types of cremation. This is important because you want to choose the option that best fits your desires.

There are four different kinds of cremation, each one is slightly different. The option you choose will depend on your circumstances and your last wishes.

It is always a good idea to decide on these details well ahead of time. You don’t want to leave these kinds of decisions to your loved ones to have to figure out after your passing.

These wishes can be included in a trust or you can let your loved ones know what you want beforehand.

Traditional Cremation

The most common kind of cremation is traditional cremation. This is when a traditional funeral service will be held with the deceased in a rented casket.

In some instances, embalming may be required if the body is going to be viewed. Many people choose this option to allow loved ones the final chance to say goodbye.

It is also considered to be a way to show respect to the deceased by giving them a traditional funeral. Once the funeral is over, the body will go to the cremation center.

The ashes will then go to the family members to do as they please. There are no restrictions when it comes to ashes, in many instances, the family keeps them.

Cremation and a Memorial Service

Another common option is cremation with a memorial service. This is a very simple service where the body and the ashes are not present at the memorial.

The body is then cremated and kept for the family to disperse as they see fit. The memorial service honors the deceased, with people paying their respects.

This is a good option if you do not necessarily want to display the deceased. Some people find this upsetting, and in some situations, the body may not be presentable.

After the memorial, the family can scatter or bury the ashes depending on their loved one’s wishes.

Direct Cremation

The most affordable cremation type is direct cremation. This is when the body is directly cremated after they have passed away.

No ceremony or funeral service is held with visitation or viewing. No rented casket is required, and the body will not need to be embalmed.

This is the most affordable option because there are no extra expenses added. All the family members will have to cover is the cost of cremation and the urn that they choose.

Some people choose this option if they do not have any friends or family. They may also prefer this if they are private and prefer only their closest loved ones to be involved.

Body Donation and Cremation

Some people pass away with the last wish that their body is donated. It’s very common for people to donate their bodies to organizations for research.

This is a practice that allows surgeons to train and develop different techniques. It also helps in the advancement of understanding different diseases and treatment options.

Depending on the situation, some people may donate different body parts to those in need. Either way, this is an honorable wish that some people choose.

With this option, the body will go to the scientific organization. After it has finished using the body for research, it will pay to have the body cremated.

If the family wishes, the ashes will go to them to scatter or bury. This is both an affordable option and something that honors the family member’s legacy.

This is something you need to make clear ahead of time if these are your wishes. If you do this, you can even plan where you want your body donated after your passing.

Is Cremation Right for You?

Cremation is a great option that many people are starting to take advantage of. Cremation options allow anyone of any class to have an honorable passing.

It is much more affordable than an actual burial with a casket and a large burial plot. All family members have to pay for is the urn and the cremation process.

If they do decide to bury the ashes, the cost will be much lower. This also allows the deceased to make a special request about where they want their remains to be.

One of the best aspects of cremation is that it does not take away from the deceased. You can still have a traditional ceremony or a memorial service in honor of their memory.

It also allows loved ones to hold onto a part of their beloved family member. Many people choose to keep the ashes so that they feel close instead of burying them in a graveyard.

Whether this option is the right one for you or not depends on what you want. Some people make this decision based on preferences, affordability, or religious beliefs.

It is a very personal decision, and you want to do your research before making up your mind.

Understanding the Types of Cremation

If you’re considering cremation, there are different types of cremation you should consider. There are four different kinds of cremation, each having its own pros and cons.

Cremation is a great option for most people, whether you are planning for the future or burying a loved one.

Do you need to make cremation arrangements? Contact us today at Lone Star Cremation to start cremation arrangements online.

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