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How Long It Takes To Receive The Ashes After Cremation

The decision to choose cremation is one that either an individual makes prior to death or that person’s family selects as an option in the immediate period after a loved one or friend passes away.

This choice is one that seeks to balance sensitivity with practicality in order to make sure that the ultimate wishes of the deceased are carried out just as they would want. For those in the communities of Dallas, Fort Worth and Waco that choose this method, making sure that the loved ones or friends take possession of that individual’s ashes can be an important aspect of this overall equation.

Experience Counts

Having dealt with this sort of circumstance many times before, Lone Star Cremation makes every effort to expedite the entire process. That’s because we know from experience that families would like to take care of this obligation in the quickest possible manner.

However, since Lone Star Cremation strictly adheres to all facets of Texas state law when it comes to any cremation, we have to make sure that all state agencies have completed their necessary tasks.

Necessary Obligations

The most important component of this adherence relates to the death certificate. The attending physician has up to ten business days before that certificate must be signed, which means that we’re unable to proceed until that takes place. This is true no matter the locale, whether it be Dallas, Fort Worth, Waco or any other Texas community.

Other state agencies must also satisfied that there are no lingering questions in connection with the death. Once that takes place, the time span for the vast majority of our cremations and the subsequent delivery is generally between three to five business days.

Important Options

While we can’t circumvent these laws to shorten that period, we want to provide every opportunity to accommodate those requests that are considered time-sensitive. In situations such as that, we can offer you the opportunity to select either our Silver or Gold package when making the arrangements.

Choosing either option means that your request will be given priority over others, which will allow the family or friends to obtain the ashes in the quickest possible time.

The Only Real Choice

Over the years, Lone Star Cremation has served thousands of Texas families. Our licensed staff has offered innovative ways to not only set up this entire process, but also make sure that the ashes of the deceased are delivered in the quickest way possible.

While we offer a toll-free number (1-844-2-CREMATE) for anyone looking to contact us, we have specific numbers set up for the specific communities we serve. Dallas residents can reach us at 214-530-2040, while those in Fort Worth can call 817-546-0108. Finally, those in the area of Waco, Temple or Kileen can simply call 254-300-7364.

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  1. Is there a difference in ashes when someone dies from Cancer ?? How about if someone dies due to a Motercycle Accident?? Or should all ashes be the same ??

    1. Ash consistency and color depend on various factors including, but not limited to, bone density of the decedent, temperature of the cremation chamber and type of cremation container– not on how they died. It is not surprising their cremains differ. Hope that helps. Thanks, Amy

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