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Denton Texas Cremation Services

Denton TX is one of the cities that we, at Lone Star Cremation, have the honor of serving. We offer all of our low-cost services, including direct cremation, in convenient packages. We give our clients the option of arranging their loved one’s Denton Texas Cremation Services online without ever having to go to the funeral home.

What is Direct Cremation?

Direct cremation is another word for immediate cremation. With a direct cremation, the funeral home staff picks up the deceased and transports them directly to the cremation facility. There is no memorial or funeral service before the cremation takes place, though many choose to have a memorial service after the cremation. The benefit of direct cremation is that it saves on costs because the body does not need to be prepared for viewing. Also, for many families in Denton TX cremation services provide a way for them to hold their own service at a location that was cherished by their loved one. Ashes can be scattered or buried at these sites with family and friends present.

Affordable and Convenient Packages

Our packages are complete with all of the features you would want for your loved one’s cremation. Many funeral homes charge you for services that you do not need or want. This is especially true with cremations. We have several clients who only want a direct cremation with no extras involved. We offer this as an affordable package at Lone Star Cremation. Having all of our features bundled in packages is a way to lessen the burden of making arrangements for the family. We want our clients to be able to focus on their loved one’s memory. We make the arrangement process easy and convenient for this reason.

Online Condolences for Denton Cremation Services Families

Not everyone can make the trip to be with family and friends for the death of a loved one. Lone Star Cremation makes it easy for people to leave a note to the family on our online obituary. With our expedited package, we also offer a social media link to the obituary. In addition we will also format the obituary for print news sources.

Experienced and Licensed Denton Texas Cremation Services

Lone Star Cremation is unique in that we specialize in cremations. Many funeral homes offer cremations but would rather do a traditional burial. Because of this specialized service, we have been able to streamline the process of arranging a cremation in Denton TX. For an added peace of mind, we are also licensed by the state of Texas and have over 20 years of experience.

If you are looking for a trusted business to handle your loved one’s cremation in Denton TX, call Lone Star Cremation. We are affordable, professional, and experienced. We work quickly and offer the most convenient method of arranging cremations. Register on our website with no obligation if you change your mind.

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    1. Hi Carol, if you are looking at prepaying for the future the price is $1595. Once you set up a plan the price is locked in forever. Prepayment plans can be set up for a single payment or payments over multiple years. The monthly payment is based on your age and the number of payments you would like to make. If you need additional information we can put you in contact with one of our preplanning consultants.

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