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9 Unique Ways to Save (Or Spread) Your Loved Ones Ashes
If you’re unsure about what to do with ashes after cremation, you’ll enjoy these unique and creative ideas, such as creating artwork, tattoos, and teddy bears.

One of the hardest things that you’ll go through in your lifetime is the loss of a loved one. They carry such a huge impact on your life that it’s never easy to let them go.

Not only are emotions high, but you’re also involved in the planning of so many things that come with it.

A big decision that comes with that, if they’ve requested it, will be the cremation arrangements. The good news is that cremation is affordable and a simple process.

From there, the only question becomes what to do with ashes after cremation. If you’re wondering that yourself, here are several options you should consider.

1. Send Them off by Fireworks

Perhaps your loved one was exceptionally flashy or had a personality that could make anyone smile.

If so, there’s no better way to spread their ashes than by sending them off with fireworks. you can strap the ashes, attaching them to a firework of some sort, then sending them off to have one final flash.

It also offers a way to provide closure to you and your family while bringing a smile to your face. They would’ve wanted you to smile one last time before spreading their ashes, and fireworks are a great way to do just that.

2. Jewelry Keepsakes

One way that’s growing increasingly popular is to have your loved one’s ashes turned into a piece of jewelry that you can wear.

Simply put, there is no shortage of options at your disposal. You can have them turned into a heart-shaped pendant, a ring that looks like it’s made from one of the hottest jewelry brands, or a bracelet as well.

The important part is that, not only are they beautiful but they’ll remind you of your loved one everywhere you go. They’ll always be with you.

3. Send Them to the Seas

Maybe your loved one’s biggest passion was the sea. Whether they enjoyed laying on the beach, surfing, fishing, or just being out on a boat, nothing could replace it in their heart.

If that’s the case, they need to be returned to their greatest love. Take their ashes and spread them throughout their favorite ocean.

After all, if they’re going to rest in peace, they should do so in the place they found the most relaxing.

4. Place Them in the Wild

After you’ve arranged for cremation of your loved one and you’re sent their remains, you may find it challenging to let go of what’s left.

The only thing that will give you peace-of-mind is finding a place to spread their ashes where memories were made. For some of you, that might be at a camping ground or a lake that you used to go to.

After all, you have no intention of dropping the tradition of visiting that site, so spread their ashes there so that your loved one can always be there with you.

5. Get A Tattoo

While many people get tattoos after their loved ones pass, your tattoo has an opportunity to be the most individualistic of all.

There are now certain tattoo parlors that will mix in your loved one’s ashes into the ink that they make your tattoo with.

Not only will the tattoo be in memory of them, but it will also literally have them with you everywhere you go for the rest of your life. What’s more beautiful than that?

6. Make a Painting

For some of you reading this, your loved one was your biggest fan. They encouraged you to continue to use your artistic talents, cheering you on every step of the way.

If so, there is perhaps a no better way to use their ashes than by mixing them into your painting materials and making a painting.

Your creation itself can take on any meaning that you want it to. What’s most important is that they would be proud to be the centerpiece of your art.

7. Plant a Tree

One of the most beautiful ways to remember your loved one is to plant a tree with their ashes.

They will have a glowing impact on the environment that they cherished so much. If they had a favorite tree, plant that type of tree with their ashes mixed into the soil.

The beautiful part is that you can place this almost anywhere. Your backyard, a camping ground, the forest, their old farm, the list goes on and on.

8. Make Music with Their Ashes

Not only can you have your loved one’s ashes turned into jewelry or a permanent tattoo, but they can also be made into a vinyl record!

Certain companies will press their ashes into one of your loved ones’ favorite records and let them hear their favorite songs forevermore.

Better yet, you can integrate certain songs that had special meaning for a vinyl disc that’s truly a one of a kind.

9. Place Them in Their Favorite City

Everyone has family members and friends that are obsessed with a particular city, one that might not be their hometown. Maybe they never got to visit it at all, but always wanted to.

If so, that’s the perfect opportunity to spread their remains in the city they loved so much.

For example, if they were obsessed with London, you could arrange a trip and have their ashes scattered throughout the River Thames.

What to Do with Ashes After Cremation: Pay Tribute to Your Loved One

The most important thing to remember on what to do with ashes after cremation is to do something that pays tribute to your loved one.

Be sure to read this page about the frequently asked questions regarding cremation, for more information that you might be seeking.

For more inquiries, please feel free to reach out via our contact us page and we’ll be happy to assist you further!


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