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9 Unique Ways to Memorialize Cremation Ashes

9 Unique Ways to Memorialize Cremation Ashes

Are you looking for the right way to keep your loved one’s memory alive? Click here for nine unique ways to memorialize cremation ashes.

According to the Cremation Association of North America, cremation rates in the United States totaled 57.5% in 2021. By 2025 however, this number is expected to increase to 61.4%.

Rising funeral and burial costs and environmental concerns may be to blame for this increase. Others may choose cremation as a way to keep their loved ones closer.

But the biggest concern with cremation is what to do with the cremation ashes. Traditionally, they are placed inside of a decorative urn. But did you know there are other ways to use cremation ashes?

It is possible to use these cremation ashes for honoring life and remembering loved ones while also creating a unique cremation memorial. If you are interested in discovering 9 ways to memorialize your loved one’s cremation ashes, keep reading this guide to discover more cremation options below.

1. Cremation Ashes Decorative Art Glass

When remembering loved ones, some would prefer something to look at that wasn’t just a standard urn. Well, now you can turn the cremation ashes of your loved one into a real work of art. Use the real cremation ashes to make a gorgeous decorative art glass piece.

Beautifully swirled patterns and colors of glass catch the light from every angle. These decorative art glass sculptures are perfect for displaying on a mantle or next to a bedside.

In much the same way glass is created normally, a small amount of cremation ash is then incorporated into this process. When heated at a high temperature, the ash melts and combines with the liquified sand particles. The result is an eye-catching glass piece that is actually infused with a part of your loved one.

Add a wood lighted base for even more splendor to shine through.

2. Bronze Heart Floral Cremation Ashes Holder Pendant

Even though your loved one is no longer with you, you can still keep them close to your heart. This is possible not only metaphorically but also physically thanks to a cremation holder pendant.

A bronze heart pendant features an etched floral detail across the front. The polished brass gives it a rich and antique-looking warm luster. It features a threaded screw top for adding ashes.

Simply unscrew the top portion of the pendant and carefully add in a small amount of cremation ashes a little at a time. When you are finished, screw the top securely back into place.

Wear this pendant with your own favorite chain and know they will always be close by.

3. Birthstone Rings for Cremation Ashes

They held your hand throughout the hard times in life and pointed you in the right direction, so it’s only fitting that a cremation holder birthstone ring would make an appropriate tribute to them now. Each time you look down at your hand, you’ll see a sparkling reminder of them shining back at you.

A sterling silver ring contains a back access compartment for placing a small amount of your loved one’s cremation ashes. The front of the ring features a brilliant simulated birthstone available in 12 vivid colors.

You may decide to choose the color of the stone based on your own birth month, or you can opt to pick the birthstone color of your departed loved one. Cremation birthstone rings are perfect for remembering loved ones and keeping their memory always within reach.

4. Birthstone Pendants for Cremation Ashes

Birthstone pendants are also a great way to commemorate and honor the life of your loved one. A sterling silver pendant contains a back access opening for adding cremation ashes. Wear this elegant swirled cremation pendant on the included sterling silver chain to hold a loved one close every day.

Choose from 12 different bright and beautiful birthstone colors to match the different simulated birthstones for each month:

  • January- Red Garnet
  • February- Purple Amethyst
  • March- Aquamarine
  • April- Diamond
  • May- Green Emerald
  • June- Purple Alexandrite
  • July- Ruby
  • August- Peridot
  • September- Blue Sppahire
  • October- Pink Tourmaline
  • November- Yellow Citrine
  • December- Blue Topaz

Again, you can choose to wear your own birthstone or the birthstone of the departed for remembering loved ones. You can even coordinate a birthstone cremation holder pendant with a cremation birthstone ring for a matching set.

5. Pewter Rose with Pearl Cremation Holder Pendant

Roses have always been a symbol of eternal love. If your love is forever, you can now have your own eternal blooming rose featuring a pearl accent. This enchanting pewter rose pendant with a pearl is also a mini cremation holder.

A freshwater pearl sits at the center of this pendant piece for a striking look. It is fashionable and versatile so you can wear it every day with a part of your loved one safely tucked away inside. The cremation ashes go into the pendant through the top.

Pearls have many different meanings and associations depending on the culture. They have long been considered to represent the bond between loved ones. Pearls also symbolize purity and integrity in Native cultures, and it was believed that pearls could help guide the spirit into the afterlife.

6. Halfprint Fingerprint Engraved Heart Pendant Cremation Ashes Holder

Truly a unique and heart-touching way of remembering loved ones, this heart-shaped cremation holder pendant also allows for three other personalization options. On the front, you can customize one side of the heart with three characters of engraving. This doesn’t sound like much space but you still have options.

This can include a simple three-letter identifier like “Mom” or “Dad” or a set of three initials. Or you can put the initial of your first name and the deceased’s first initial like “K&J” together.

On the other side of the heart is an etched fingerprint design, but this isn’t just any fingerprint. You can take an image of your loved one’s fingerprint and have it personalized right onto the pendant.

Email the JPG fingerprint image along with your order number to [email protected] after you place your order and they can engrave it there for you to have forever. What a special and treasured keepsake. The back can also be customized with text or a photo.

7. Angel Wings Cremation Ashes Holder Pendant in 14k Gold

A brilliant 14k gold angel wings pendant is a spectacular way of honoring the life of someone special, even after they have passed on. If you had the privilege of knowing someone who was as good as gold, this is the tribute you need.

A pair of folded golden angel wings shows exquisite detail in their raised-up feather pattern. A threaded screw closure in the back middle part of the wings opens to fill with cremation ashes.

In the Christian faith, angels are symbolic beings of heaven. It is believed by some, as a source of comfort, that those who lived a good life with a pure and unselfish heart on Earth gain angelic status upon their death and receive their wings.

This is a touching sentiment and a beautiful reminder that your loved one isn’t really gone, they’ve just gone up to heaven to become an angel so they can continue to watch over you.

8. Stainless Steel Heart with Rose Gold Flower Accent Cremation Ashes Holder

If you have your heart set on carrying a small part of your loved one with you but want to do it in a more discreet way, you will love this stainless steel heart with a rose-gold rose accent. It looks just like regular jewelry, but it can hold a small pinch of cremation ashes inside a tiny threaded screw compartment on the back of the rose.

It comes with a black satin cord and is just 1″ wide, so it’s petite while still holding a deep meaning. You don’t have to worry about a larger piece of cremation jewelry that could get easily lost or stolen or look too obvious to others.

9. Hourglass Sterling Silver Pendant Cremation Ashes Holder

Life can be unpredictable. We may think that someone will always be with us, and then one day, their time runs out. We should always make time for those who are the most important in our lives.

Each day we have with someone can be equated to the grains of sand in an hourglass. That’s the inspiration for this sterling silver hourglass pendant. The glass portion inside doubles as a decorative and distinct cremation ashes holder that you can fill through the top.

Even though their time has run out, you can use this unique pendant as a way of remembering loved ones and all of the good times you had together. You can mix it with small crystals or colored sand for a more personal touch.

Wear it with your favorite chain whenever you want. It’s stylish to wear for any occasion. No one has to know that it really contains cremation ashes unless you want them to.

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These are just a few of the many memorial items you can choose from for cremation ashes. Browse our full catalog of jewelry, art glass, urns, and more on our website.

While you’re there, check out our information on cremation costs, guides, and frequently asked questions. No one wants to think about death and plan for the end, but it’s an unavoidable part of life.

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