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7 Funeral Planning Mistakes to Avoid in Dallas

7 Funeral Planning Mistakes to Avoid in Dallas

If you live in Dallas, TX and are planning a funeral for a loved one, certain decision can hinder your progress. Here are funeral planning mistakes to avoid.

The average funeral costs for one person in the U.S is $7,640

Funeral services vary greatly, but the checklist remains the same. From the flowers to the casket, there are vital aspects that you won’t want to skip during a funeral arrangement.

However, the planning process is not always easy, considering that the family members are still mourning. The situation becomes even worse when the family members don’t relate well.

Nevertheless, you can still have a decent sendoff for your loved one by avoiding the funeral planning mistakes discussed below.

1. Not Having a Budget

Funeral arrangements can create a hefty financial burden if you don’t plan well. If budget is a concern you may consider cremation, which is quite affordable, with an average cost of $6,240.

The first step in avoiding the financial burden is to understand the basics. Know how much it would cost you to carry out the funeral service or to cremate the body in Dallas.

After that, write down the estimates of the funeral home service fees, casket, flowers, urn, and so on. The costs may vary significantly in different areas in Dallas. Compare your options before you commit to avoid overspending.

If your budget is tight, then it would be helpful to negotiate the prices. You might also ask for contributions from friends and relatives, particularly if there is a hefty medical bill to settle.

As you write the budget, find out if the deceased had life insurance, which could help with the funeral costs.

2. Not Having a Funeral Provider

There are many funeral providers in Dallas. These providers offer essential funeral planning arrangements for a small fee.

Some providers may also offer an impressive package with flowers, caskets, and the other things you might need for the sendoff.

For convenience, you should approach the funeral provider as soon as possible. Early notice will help the provider make an early booking for you and secure an excellent funeral package.

When you agree on the funeral provider, be sure to provide the deceased’s details for easy identification. Also, find out the extra services that the provider offers.

In this way, you will have the time and peace of mind you need to carry out other personal activities.

Don’t forget to do a background check on the funeral service provider you work with. The provider should be reputable, with remarkable years of experience in the ideal industry.

3. Not Honoring the Wishes of the Deceased

Many people in Dallas write their funeral wishes when they are still alive. Most of the requests are made in writing, although some are verbal.

As a family member or close friend, it’s your responsibility to follow those wishes. Ethically, you should not work against the deceased wishes.

For instance, if the deceased wanted to be cremated, then make plans to cremate them, instead of traditional burials. Make sure you keep everyone else involved in the planning aware of the wishes.

4. Thinking That The Funeral Is Over After the Service

It’s okay to relax after the funeral service, but that should not end all funeral plans.

Besides grieving, you will still have a lot to do, mainly if you had a close relationship with the deceased.

For instance, you will probably follow up on the paperwork, including the death certificate application and the insurance coverage.

You might still need to work on the hospital records, follow up on the postmortem results, and so on.

All these activities will take time, which means you might still be occupied in the next couple of months after the sendoff event.

So, how do you remember all these things?

The best way is to get a notebook and write down what you intend to do. In this way, your post-funeral plans will be accomplished, and you will have a more satisfactory period after the funeral.

5. Underestimating the Needs of Others

It would be a great mistake to think about yourself and fail to balance the needs of other people.

A funeral is a celebration. Every person should mourn and celebrate the deceased equally.

As such, you should consider the ideas or opinions of the other people related to the deceased. These people could be your friends, siblings, parents, or other people close to the deceased.

Family coordination has never been smooth, as fights and disagreements often arise. However, you can coordinate best by preplanning and communicating efficiently.

Hold meetings, committees, and other events to talk about the issues. You may also create social media groups if you are far away from each other.

In this way, you will understand each other well and balance everyone’s ideas more efficiently.

6. Not Addressing the Cemetery Needs

Many people focus too much on the funeral service and forget the cemetery needs.

In Dallas, many funeral services providers only give the essential cremation needs and leave the cemetery details and proceedings to you.

Dallas law does not require people to get any special permission before accessing local cemeteries.  However, each cemetery will have certain fees and requirements such as; the size of the urns, vaults and so on.

You should, therefore, plan the cemetery proceedings in advance to prevent future inconveniences.

For excellent results, you should work with a great funeral planner to help you along the way.

7. Not Asking Questions

Funerals are sensitive, and so, they need maximum accuracy. A simple mistake might destroy the entire service.

Do not agree to any arrangement you don’t understand. Be it your funeral planner or friends; you have the right to know everything that happens in the planning process.

Ask relevant questions and get any necessary clarifications regarding the costs, the payment methods, and other sendoff details.

Funeral Planning Mistakes Are Avoidable

With a bit of effort, you can avoid the most common funeral mistakes. Start planning early and ask for help when necessary.

Also, work with the right people, and don’t allow emotions to prevent you from carrying out your funeral proceedings well. This will help you avoid funeral planning mistakes, and give your loved one a decent sendoff.

Lone Star Cremation offers affordable cremation services to Fort Worth Metro Area residents in Dallas. We have been in the funerals and cremation industry since 2004, so we understand our customers’ needs. Contact us today for more information regarding cremation services.

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