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10 Reasons Why People Choose Cremation

Why Do People Get Cremated? 10 Reasons Why

Why do people get cremated? Cremation has risen in popularity because of cost effectiveness, relaxed religious beliefs, and ease of service.

In recent years, there has been a shift in the outlook on death and combined with scientific innovations, there has been a bred of change in the way people look at funerals. More people are choosing cremation over traditional funerals as their final disposition method.

Why do people get cremated? Mostly, it’s driven by factors like costs, religious considerations, claustrophobia, and an increase in funeral personalization. It’s estimated that by 2040, almost 80 percent of people will choose cremation, and burial rates will stand at 15.7 percent.

The rest will opt for natural burial without a casket, while others will donate their bodies for science. In this post, we’ll delve deeper into why cremation is better and give you reasons to make that choice as well.

1. Affordability

Cremation is a less expensive alternative compared to traditional burial. Of course, costs will highly depend on whether you choose to hold a ceremony for yourself or your loved one. You see, cremation is just a form of bodily disposition, but you can still hold a visitation or a wake and a religious or secular ceremony if you wish.

This means that the expenses can vary depending on the services you decide upon. Direct cremation, where the body will be cremated without any other services, is the most affordable option, but you’re likely to spend a lot more if you choose a handcrafted urn and a service.

2. Flexible Service Options

A traditional funeral service generally has to happen within at least ten days after passing away because the human body begins to decompose immediately. The body has to be embalmed to slow the process temporarily and allow the family members to arrange committal and funeral services.

Family members living out of town need to come as soon as possible for the service and burial. With cremation, on the other hand, there is no urgency. You don’t have to do anything permanent to the ashes.

If you desire, you can hold a private viewing or witness the cremation process and conduct a scattering or memorial service when the whole family is available, which could be weeks or months later.

3. It’s Better for the Environment

Cremation may not be as green as alkaline hydrolysis, and natural or green burial, but it is much better for the environment compared to traditional burial. Traditional burials require embalming, land, and a coffin or casket. Cremation does not require all these, and even if you choose to bury the urn, you would not use as much space as you would a coffin.

4. It’s More Creative

More and more people are associating traditional burials with religion, and some don’t prefer religious ceremonies. America is becoming secular by the day, and a casket funeral is no longer appealing. People are also adapting to personalized final arrangements, and with cremation, you get a variety of different ways to commemorate the life of your loved one.

People are opting to have ashes turned into jewelry while others are having the urn turned into a reef on the ocean floor. You can choose any of these options or have the ashes pressed to vinyl records or even place them into live ammunition. The options are virtually endless, as you can do anything you want with the ashes.

5. Family Members May Live Far Apart

If you have your family members spread across the country or the world, it may not be easy to have all of them attend a funeral service within short notice. If you opt for cremation, however, you’ll have enough time to plan the right time when everyone can be available, which could take months or years since the ashes will remain intact.

6. Convenience

Choosing an easier and more convenient option does not mean that you did not love your family member enough. Planning a funeral is not an easy process, and you can avoid all that trouble and choose cremation instead.

Funeral services can be overwhelming and emotionally draining, but cremation can be a better option because it’s much faster. Besides that, some people choose a cremation because they can take the urn with them if they choose to move.

7. Sensitivity

Some people feel that direct cremation is less personal compared to a traditional funeral service. This could not be further from the truth because cremation is just a pressure-free alternative. Instead of adding to your stress, it relieves some of it because all you need is one basic service.

8. Transparency

Most funeral homes have become scrupulous and take advantage to sneak extra costs that family members are unaware of. These costs can hike up your overall budget for the burial service and leave you financially drained.

Why do people get cremated? Because they don’t have to sift through the best memorial services, choose the best caskets, or deal with hidden charges that they’re not aware of.

9. Efficiency

Cremation processes are much more efficient because there is less activity. If you were to ask most people why cremation is better, they would tell you because the hardest part of losing someone is arranging their end-of-life arrangements. Cremation eliminates the needs for all these arrangements and all the files that need to be signed, and it’s over much quicker.

10. To Always Be With a Loved One

Why do people get cremated? Because cremated remains can be kept in the house. If you purchase an attractive urn, you can set it on a nightstand or a mantle as a special memorial space. This means that your loved one will always be with you.

Why Do People Get Cremated? The Top Reasons for Cremation

If you have been considering cremation, now you have ten reasons to go along with it. Why do people get cremated? This is a question you don’t have to ask anymore, and with this information, you can make an informed decision.

If you’d like to know more or want cremation services, kindly get in touch with us or check out our website where we have more information about cremation.

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