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Ann MacMillan Lonestar Cremation was wonderful to work with. They were extremely professional, answered all of my questions, and they offer the same services any mortuary offers for less than half the price. I can not recommend them enough.
Jim Weisz Really liked I could enter all the info into the website and pay for everything online–made it really easy. Communication was excellent. We always knew what was going on and the ashes arrived in time for a memorial service, which we weren’t sure about since it was around the holidays. Very satisfied.
Nancy Moseley This was the second time someone in the family was in need of cremation. The first time was through a prepaid plan with a funeral home. The second time was through the medical examiner’s office due to an unexpected death at home alone. Even though it happened on a weekend, I was able to get the help that I needed. I am not good with a computer & Roy guided me step by step through the on line process. I would recommend Lone Star Cremation for affordability, compassion, & ability to explain everything should you be in need of their services.
Edward AllisonTough times when you require their services. Only took 15 minutes to fill out all the paperwork online. Ashes were ready for pickup in 4 business days, pickup took less than 5 minutes at their local shop. I would highly recommend this company to anyone else going through the loss of a friend or family, they made it as painless as possible.

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