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Saying Goodbye Without Debt: What’s the Cost of Cremation in Texas?

Saying Goodbye Without Debt: What’s the Cost of Cremation in Texas?

No one wants their loved ones to be financially strapped by their burial. To honor your loved one on a manageable budget, learn the cost of cremation in Texas.

55.3 million people die each year. And while the number seems large, it only really hits home when someone we love passes away.

If you or a loved one are estate planning, or you’ve unfortunately lost someone, you’ll likely be researching how much funerals, burials, and cremations cost. Expenses can add up quickly, so it is important to be aware of how much you’ll expect to spend on arrangements.

In this article, we’ll talk about the cost of cremation in Texas, and what you can expect to spend on these final expenses.

What Is Cremation?

If you’re just looking into final expenses and arrangements, you may be overwhelmed with all of the options that exist. Before we get into the cost, we’ll go over a bit as to how the process of cremation works.

If you’ve decided on cremation, your body will be transported from where you passed away to where the cremation will take place. This is typically at a crematorium where the bodies will be preserved until it is time to cremate the body.

A body may be cremated with the family, alone, or before/after the funeral service. Some people prefer to have the body at the funeral and then cremated after while others cremate the body prior to the funeral and then have the ashes in an urn at the service.

During cremation, the body is burned and completely consumed in flames. The body can be wearing special clothing or may be wearing what the person passed away in.

Once the body has been cremated, the bones will be pulverized to make them fine. The ashes will then either be placed into an urn of your choosing or given to you so you can scatter them where you see fit.

Some people will bury the urn or container with the ashes so they have a place to visit their loved one.

Things to Consider in Cremation

There are many things to consider when it comes to cremation that most people do not think of. This is perfectly natural, as death often comes as a shock, even when we’re expecting it.

If you choose to have your body or the body of a loved one cremated, there will be some decisions you’ll have to make. You will need to make arrangements to transport the body between where the individual died, typically a hospital or nursing home, and the crematorium. If your loved one passes away in a hospital, hospice, or nursing home, they likely already have resources to help you with this, but planning ahead can help ease the burden.

You may also need to consider when you’d like to cremate the individual and if your family would like to view the body before cremation. Some families like to preserve the body for several days (or longer) to allow those who were not present when the individual died to say goodbye.

You will also need to arrange a death certificate to prove that your loved one has died. Additionally, you’ll want to decide what type of urn you want your loved one’s remains to stay in.

Additionally, you may also want to send some of the remains to other family members or relatives.

What Is the Cost of Cremation in Texas for a Basic Bronze Package?

At Lone Star Cremation, we offer three packages to cover a variety of needs.

The most basic package, the bronze package, costs $755, though there are some additional costs for additional services. This package allows the cremation of an individual up to 275 lbs (there is a fee of $350 if the individual weighs more than 275 lbs), a death certificate, obituary on our website and social media, transportation to the crematorium, and refrigeration before cremation.

If you would like to witness the cremation or have a private viewing, it will cost an additional $300. Shipping the ashes will incur a $95 fee.

The basic package only allows for arrangements to be made via the Internet.

Lone Star Cremation Upgraded Packages

In addition to everything you receive in our basic package, the more popular silver package gives you several add ons. You will receive 6 death certificates, submission of the obituary to a newspaper, free shipping of ashes, and upgraded urns for burial or display.

You’ll also be able to make the arrangements in person, and you’ll get a $100 discount for cremation of an individual over 275 lbs and on viewing. This package costs $995.

The most expensive package, the gold, includes everything in the silver and bronze packages, plus a few more perks. You’ll get help with cemetery arrangements, scheduling for military honors, and airline bereavement verification. If any of your relatives are in prison, they can also receive furlough requests to attend the funeral through this package, and employers can receive death certificates.

We will also accept life insurance as payment for this package, and you can pay ahead of time to ensure that your family won’t need to worry about the cost upon your death. This package costs $1595.

You can also spread the costs out by making installment payments.

Choosing the Right Cremation Service

The cost of cremation in Texas should be just one of the reasons why you choose a certain location for cremation. You should also choose a location that will handle your loved one’s remains with the utmost care and respect.

Contact us today to discuss how we can help you through this difficult time.

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