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Natural Reflections Biodegradable Scattering Urn



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These urns are constructed of unbleached pressed cotton and designed for biodegradable ground burial. To meet scattering garden requirements, the urns will completely degrade naturally over time, returning the cremated remains to the earth.

  • Cast from original artwork
  • Designed for biodegradable ground burial gardens
  • Handmade from unbleached pressed cotton
  • Biodegradable bag included and recommended for use until scattering ceremony*
  • Can be used in tandem with Options® memento chests (sold separately)

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*The ReflectionsTM Scattering and Garden urns are designed to break down in water. Thus, it is imperative that the urn remain completely dry until it is placed in the water for the scattering ceremony. Additionally, because of the delicate nature of the pressed cotton material, the urn must be handled gently to prevent rips or tears. Do not ship cremated remains within this product. Cremated remains should be placed in the biodegradable bag. 

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