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Dog Tag Fingerprint Pendant



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Choose between a natural style or oval outlined fingerprint style to be etched into the metal surface- creating a three dimensional effect. A truly unique keepsake pendant!

Metal Choice: 925 Sterling Silver, Stainless Steel

Pendant Style: Choose from chamber or non-chamber style. Chamber pendants have a discreet inner compartment that is air and water tight when sealed with rubber gasket threaded-screw closure. No chamber pendants are generally thinner without hollow inside.

Back Options: You may personalize the back with engraving.

Chamber style in 925 sterling silver, stainless steel
31/32″ H x 21/32″ W x 3/16″ thick
(25 mm H x 17 mm W x 5 mm thick).

No chamber style in 925 sterling silver

1 3/16″ H x 25/32″ W x 1/16″ thick
(30 mm H x 20 mm W x 1.5 mm thick).

No chamber style in stainless steel- 
1 3/16″ H x 25/32″ W x 3/32″ thick
(30 mm H x 20 mm W x 2 mm thick).

*Necklace is not included.

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