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Cremation Authorization, Signer


Kiser Undertakings, dba Lone Star Cremation, 1804 Owen Ct., Suite 112, Mansfield, TX 76063 (817) 546-0108

Processing and disposition of the remains of   (hereinafter referred to as the deceased.)
Date of Death: (Completed by Lone Star)_______________________
Time of Death:(Completed by Lone Star)_______________________

I, , certify, warrant and represent that i have the full legal right and authority to authorize the cremation and   
Identification prior to cremation:            

I hereby request and authorize KISER UNDERTAKINGS L.L.C. dba LONE STAR CREMATION to take possession of and make arrangements for the cremation of the remains of the deceased and receive the cremated remains from the crematory. the authorizing agent assumes responsibility for the disposition of the cremated remains.  We will release the cremated remains to the authorizing agent or his designated agent or ship the cremated remains to the authorizing agent or dispose of the cremated remains not earlier than the 121st day following the date of cremation if the cremated remains have not been claimed by the authorizing agent.
The cremation processing and disposition of the remains of the deceased authorized herein shall be performed in accordance with all governing laws, the rules, regulations and policies of the crematory and funeral home, and the following terms and conditions.
It is the policy of the crematory to require that the remains of the deceased be placed in some type of minimum container.  if the deceased is not in a container when it reaches the crematory then the minimum container will be furnished and charged to the funeral home. When a casket is used, the crematory is authorized to remove and dispose of handles, ornaments and any other non-combustible items attached to the cremation container prior to cremation.  in the event the remains of the deceased are received by the crematory in a casket or container made of non-combustible material, i authorize the remains of the deceased to be removed prior to cremation and placed in a combustible container.  we further authorize the crematory to dispose of any non-combustible casket in any lawful manner it deems appropriate.
To my knowledge the deceased remains . Such implant(s) could result in damage to the crematory, it’s workers and equipment and I authorize the removal of said devices prior to cremation.
The cremation container containing the deceased will be placed in the cremation chamber and will be totally and irreversibly destroyed by prolonged exposure to intense heat and direct flame.  i authorize the crematory to open the cremation chamber during the cremation process and reposition the remains of the deceased in order to facilitate a complete and thorough cremation.
Certain items, including, but not limited to: body prosthesis, dentures, dental bridgework, dental fillings, jewelry, and any other personal articles accompanying the remains of the deceased may be destroyed during the cremation process.  i further authorize that if any items, other than the cremated remains of the deceased, are recovered from the cremation chamber, they may be separated from the cremated remains of the deceased and disposed of by the crematory. I hereby authorize the crematory to separate and remove from the cremation chamber all non-combustible materials, including, but not limited to, hinges, latches, nails, jewelry and precious metal and to dispose of such materials.
Following cremation, the cremated remains of the deceased, consisting primarily of bone fragments, will be mechanically pulverized to an unidentifiable consistency prior to placement in an urn or other container.
Unless an urn or container suitable for shipment is provided, the crematory will place the cremated remains of the deceased in a container made of plastic and covered with cardboard, which is destructible and will not be held liable for any damages that might occur during shipment.
In the event the container or provided urn is insufficient to accommodate all of the cremated remains of the deceased, any excess cremated remains will be placed in a secondary container and returned to the funeral home, together with the primary container or urn.
I understand and acknowledge, that even with the exercise of reasonable care and the use of the crematory’s best efforts, it is not possible to recover all particles of the cremated remains of the deceased and that some particles may inadvertently become commingled with particles of other cremated remains remaining in the cremation chamber and/or devices utilized to process the cremated remains.  i hereby authorize the crematory to dispose of any such residual particles in any lawful manner it deems appropriate.
I agree to indemnify, release and hold the crematory, funeral home, their affiliates, agents, employees and assigns, harmless from any and all loss, damages, liability or causes of action (including attorney’s fees and expenses of litigation) in connection with the cremation and disposition of the cremated remains of the deceased, as authorized herein, or my failure to correctly identify the remains of the deceased, disclose the presence of any implanted mechanical or radioactive devices, or take possession of, or make permanent arrangements for, the disposition of such remains.
I warrant that all representations and statements made herein are true and correct and that i have read and understand the provisions contained in this document.


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Signed by Roy Kiser
Signed On: July 26, 2021

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