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Charles Hedrick
BURLESON — Charles Aston Hedrick Jr., 76, a retired petroleum engineer, passed away Monday, March 27, 2006, at his residence.
Condolence Messages

3 Responses

  1. Charlie: Rest in peace,the journey

    is over. Its been a pleasure knowing

    you these past 20 some years.

  2. Dad, please rest in peace. Know that I will take care of Mom, Laura, Josh and Nathan. We will all miss you until we see you again in Heaven. I bet there is a beautiful golf course up there with your name on it. Please tell Grandma Grace “Hi” and that we miss her as well. I love you, Dad. Your son-in-law, Jay

  3. Daddy, I’ll always remember the things you taught me over the years: kindness, forgiveness, patience, diligence. We had our rough spots, as many parents and children do, but I’ve always loved you and I knew you loved me too. Many things are clear in my mind when I remember you, but the most important was how you sat on the edge of your bed every night, faithfully, and prayed, no matter how long it took. The Lord was special to you and it must thrill you so much to be able to see him now. Time rolls on swiftly and it won’t be long until I see you again. Go easy on the new golfers up in Heaven. You have an eternity to teach them how to play the game. *g* I love you and miss you daily. I’ll keep you close in my heart until we see each other again.

    Your loving daughter,

    Laura Hedrick Shinn

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