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Can Family Members Witness A Cremation?

The death of a loved one means finding the proper farewell for them, taking into account their wishes before dying or assessing their overall approach to life if death came unexpectedly. Adapting this to a final event such as cremation services means having someone with plenty of experience in the field, something that Lone Star Cremation possesses in abundance.

Simplicity may have been the departed’s credo during their lifetime, and is something that a cremation company with the background of Lone Star can make happen. At a time of high stress, there can be many questions the surviving loved ones may have, including: can family witness a cremation?

Cremation at a Competitive Price

At Lone Star Cremation, family members are welcome to watch the cremation of their loved one when they purchase either the Silver or Gold cremation packages. In each case, a fee of $225 will be required, but the other benefits from either package make such a choice worth it.

By choosing either package, the loved ones can have fees such as mailing death certificates and shipping ashes waived, and can have the cremation itself expedited if they so choose. They’re also eligible for a 15 percent urn discount.

Selecting the Gold plan allows for free military and concierge assistance, submission of the obituary to an unlimited number of newspapers (plus publication costs) and the option of renting our chapel. In addition, it also allows for pre-payment, which can help alleviate the burden of coming up with money after the fact to pay for these services.

The Mark of Quality

The cremation services that Lone Star Cremation stands behind are part of its strong legacy in this industry, having been a beacon of impeccable professionalism for more than a decade in both the Dallas/Fort Worth and Central Texas areas. An experienced staff can answer questions with the necessary sensitivity and care one would expect in this type of situation.

Setting Themselves Apart

Many a cremation company won’t consider that simple question: can family witness a cremation? In contrast, Lone Star Cremation believes that option should at least be available to ponder.

Who to Choose?

Lone Star Cremation is available 24 hours a day and makes the process of scheduling a cremation easier through the option of online arrangements. Stressing convenience, affordability and simplicity, they’re a reliable option when judging cremation companies.

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