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Planning Ahead: How to Choose Between Burial vs Cremation Options

When faced with the loss of a loved one, or even contemplating our own mortality, the decision between burial vs cremation becomes a profound one. This choice is far from simple and often laden with cultural, religious, and personal significance. For many, it’s not just […]

Tips for Planning an Ash Scattering Ceremony

Dealing with death is a personal journey that often requires a ceremony of some kind to honor the passing of a loved one. An ash scattering ceremony is an option that grieving families can plan down to the very last detail. Every mindful choice helps […]

Gloria Piserchia

In loving memory of Gloria Piserchia, born on Staten Island, New York City in 1936, who found eternal peace in Texas in January 2024. Although spending most of her life in Norwalk, Connecticut, she remained a very proud New Yorker. She enjoyed her career and […]

What Are the Best Memorial Service Ideas for Cremation?

When it’s time to say goodbye, how do we do it right, especially when a traditional burial isn’t the endnote? We’re here to help with that. This piece lays out some gentle, meaningful ways to hold a memorial service when cremation is the choice. We’ll […]

The Complete Guide on How to Explain Cremation to a Child

Death is an important part of life, but can be a tough concept to explain to a child. Attempting to blunt the explanation so that the reality of our situation doesn’t cut them quite so deeply is only natural. The last thing we want is […]

Frankie Lois Carson

Frankie Lois Cauthen Carson passed from this life peacefully on Sunday December 17,2023 at the age of 85. Frankie was born to John Cauthen and Mazella Bester Cauthen on July 7,1938 in Canonsburg, Pa. She is survived  by her son Eugene Carson of Fort Worth, […]

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