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Mesquite, Texas Cremation

A Helpful Hand in a Time of Need

The task of following through with a deceased family member’s wishes can be an arduous effort. If one of those tasks was a Mesquite cremation, then contacting Lone Star Cremation will handle the necessary components of the process and do it with the sensitivity you expect. Our company has branches around the state, but we focus our energies on our clients in the Mesquite community.

A Cremation Service for the 21st Century

Innovation sets Lone Star Cremation apart from other entities in this field. With the ever-increasing availability of online considerations, we made sure that we could combine technological advancements with our solid reputation. Through this convergence, we became the first to offer clients the opportunity to take care of this painful duty while surrounded by family in the comfort of familiar surroundings. That allows for a strong consensus without the intercession of parties with an agenda that may differ.

Financially Friendly Packages

A trio of packages are available for any Mesquite cremation, but we don’t shoehorn you into something you don’t want or can’t afford. A simple cremation may have been the deceased’s wish, emphasizing their basic decency. Meanwhile, our Gold package includes a prepay feature for someone who doesn’t want to burden their family with future billing.

Trust is Part of Our DNA

Experience and trust aren’t simply marketing buzzwords to us, but an everyday way of conducting business. Texas families have used our cremation services for more than two decades because they know they’ll get a competitive price wrapped in sensitivity. We make sure that flaws that do result will be covered in the more than $2 million in liability insurance we carry for our fully licensed staff.

Words to Live By

The trust that is our cornerstone is based on the equally important pillars of Affordability, Convenience and Simplicity. By working with you, you are guaranteed that the price you receive is one that’s hard to beat. However, we also emphasize easy accessibility, whether that’s by e-mail, fax or overnight courier. Finally, the unique online availability is the essence of simplicity. So if you have a need for a Mesquite cremation, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Lone Star Cremation. Our only goal is to lessen your burden.

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