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McKinney Texas

McKinney TX is home to many of the families we have served in their time of grief. We offer our direct cremation services at our affordable package prices. As always, Lone Star Cremation handles cremation in Mckinney, Texas quickly with little burden added to the family. We strive to make the arrangement process as simple as possible.

Online Arrangements

Lone Star Cremation Society is proud to be the first provider of internet cremation in McKinney, Tecas. Our clients have the ability to do all the arrangements for their loved one’s cremation online without ever having to visit the funeral home. For many, the arrangements take less than 20 minutes. The first step is to simply fill in the registration form on our website. We may contact you for further information. If you change your mind, you are under no obligation by registering.

Direct Cremation in Mckinney, Texas

If you want a McKinney TX cremation, Lone Star can take care of the details for you. We offer direct cremation, which is also called immediate cremation. We pick up the deceased from the place of death and transport them to our facility to await the cremation process. They are kept in a temperature-controlled facility the entire time. There is no showing of the body before a cremation. This greatly reduces the expenses incurred. Some families choose to hold a memorial service after the cremation to spread or bury the ashes.

Experienced Cremation in Mckinney, Texas

When you are in need of cremation services, it is important to have a funeral home you can trust to take care of all the proper forms and filings necessary. Lone Star Cremation Society is licensed in the state of Texas and insured for the peace of mind of our clients. We have been performing McKinney TX cremation services for many years. Our experience gives us the knowledge to handle every situation with dignity and professionalism.

Low-Cost Options

Many of our clients are amazed at how low our prices are compared to other funeral services. The reason for our low prices is simple: We only charge for services you want. Other funeral homes that get the majority of their revenue by performing funeral services and burial charge one flat rate for cremations. Lone Star specializes in cremations. We have several options that we have bundled in packages. The first level is a simple direct cremation. This is popular for people wanting only the basic services. As you add more features, the price increases. For example, our next level includes an online obituary and social media link. If you do not want these feature, you don’t have to pay for them.

Personalized Service

Each of our families arranging a cremation in McKinney TX is different. Some want very basic features. Others want a cremation and a large memorial service. Although we give each of our families the attention and professionalism they would expect from a trusted funeral home, we also are attentive to their individual needs. We never sacrifice the quality of service our clients receive from us.

Lone Star Cremation Society can handle all your cremation needs in McKinney. Register on our website with no obligations. You can also call today for more information.

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