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Joshua, Texas Cremation

Joshua, Texas is deep in the “Heart of Texas.” When a loved one dies, there are many pressing concerns that can make the time very stressful. Lone Star Cremation in Joshua will ensure that all of your concerns are properly addressed.

History of Joshua Town

According to the 2010 Census, the City of Joshua had 5,910 people living in the 6.5 square mile (17 square kilometer) area. In the 1950s, the town of Joshua was officially incorporated with Ted Strube as its first mayor.

The town of Joshua had four churches, two cotton gins, an ice plant, bank and newspaper way back in 1914. The area continued to be developed along agricultural lines. Nearby Fort Worth, has been a source of continued development for the Joshua, Texas area. By 2000, Joshua had 239 businesses.

Joshua Cremation Services

If you live in the great town of Joshua and need cremation services, then realize that you can count on Lone Star Cremation. Cremation in Joshua requires the efficient preparation of the deceased’s body for eternal rest and peace. Customers can survey the wide selection of vases for the ashes with different colors, styles and sizes.

Choose the Ideal Cremation Package

We, at Lone Star Cremation, offer the Gold, Silver or Bronze package for your loved one. Each of these has its own type of cremation process, publication and assistance. During this horrible grieving time, you will want to make sure that someone else will complete the small, but necessary tasks.

With the right package, the death of your loved one will be publicized in the proper newspapers. The death certificate will be prepared to give you the final legal conclusion of a good life. We have an “obituary template” that you can submit to the proper authorities.

The Internet has made it easy for you to complete the entire process online or in-person. Our professionals have been completing this process for a long time and can help you in this time of need. We have a wide selection of cremation jewelry and urns to choose from. Show your individual taste by finding the right item to remember your loved one.

Joshua cremation services offer you affordable packages to ensure that everything is completely covered. When one of your family member dies, trust in our cremation professionals to take care of everything. Contact us at Lone Star Cremation for your Joshua services.

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