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Carrollton, Texas

Lone Star Cremation handles cremations in Carrollton, as well as the surrounding Texas communities. Families have been able to count for many years on the best customer service, convenient and flexible arrangement options at the best prices. We place importance on being able to ease some of the stress and confusion that can come with making arrangement decisions.

Online Accessibility

Lone Star Cremation is the leader in proving top-notch services as well as the best in customer support. We have developed the most innovative ways to contact and manage cremation arrangements. You can manage arrangements via telephone, email, standard postal services or our easy to use website. Some clients prefer to not go directly to the funeral home and we can accommodate for these private decisions and wishes. The wide variety of contact methods ensures that every client gets the best opportunities and availability for answers to any questions needed during the process.

Local and Experienced Services

No one wants the worry of the legal process, necessary paperwork and permit requirements at what can be one of the most distressing times in their lives. You want to feel that you have entrusted the process to professionals that have the ability to get things done right. Lone Star Cremation has handled cremation services for over 2 decades and understands what needs to be done from start to finish. There will not be any unexpected surprises or problems which mean clients can spend their time paying tribute to their loved one.

Direct Cremation Services for the Carrollton Area

We can ease the burden on families when it comes to transport. We are one of the very few services that can provide direct transportation for Carrollton cremation. We can pick up anywhere in the Carrollton and surrounding area and bring your loved one to our cremation facilities. We handle every detail so that you are not overwhelmed with the details. We can help ease the difficulty of the decisions that have to be made.

Honoring Loved Ones Near and Far

There are some clients that wish to hold a small service locally for their loved one and we will help with those arrangements when needed. There are times that family members and friends are not able to travel long distances to participate, but we can provide and online obituary and guestbook so that condolences can be offered from anywhere, at any time.

Affordable and Personalized

Unlike many local funeral homes and services, Lone Star Cremations is focused largely on cremation rather than traditional arrangements. This allows us to offer lower prices without sacrificing quality. We provide each and every client with the most personalized and professional service possible. We understand that this is a very difficult time and want to offer you the best selections in bundled features that offer value and eliminate worry.

Lone Star Cremation offers services to the entire Carrollton area. Contact us by telephone, email or on our website if you would like more information or have any questions. We are here to handle any and all of your cremation needs.

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