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Arlington Texas Cremation

When you lose a loved one, trying to handle all the details of their funeral or cremation service can be exhausting. Lone Star Cremation is a company that can help with the details of your loved one’s Arlington Texas Cremation. We offer convenience in making the arrangements. Our staff is friendly and respectful and has years of experience in handling permits and other documentation. We offer affordable packages with optional features that can help make this difficult time a little more bearable.

Convenient Arlington Texas Cremation

Coming into the funeral home to make arrangements can be inconvenient. When you add this stress with everything else that is happening in your life, it can seem overwhelming. Lone Star Cremations offers a convenient way to make Arlington Texas cremation arrangements. You can make arrangements on our website in as little as 20 minutes! You may also call or come in person if you prefer.


With over 20 years of experience, the members of our staff are professional and knowledgeable. Lone Star Cremation handles all the permits and filings for any Arlington Texas cremation. Our expertise ensures that everything is done correctly and efficiently. If you contact Lone Star Cremation, you will notice that our staff has a professional and courteous attitude. We pride ourselves in providing service that you are satisfied with.

Affordable Arlington Texas Cremation

The expenses involved when losing a loved one can take its toll on family. That is why Lone Star Cremation offers affordable cremation services. We have created packages that feature all of our options. Every package includes transportation of the deceased, permits and filings, and a certified copy of the death certificate. Our Gold package comes with an online obituary that can be found on our website, a Twitter or Facebook post about the deceased, and a formatted death notice that can be submitted to the paper of your choice. Lone Star will also submit the death notice electronically if you wish. If your loved one served our country in the military, we also have a package that includes military honors for their cremation in Arlington Texas.


If you have decided to pre-arrange your cremation in Arlington Texas, Lone Star can guide you through that process. We can discuss with you your options. We can help you determine which package would be appropriate for you. Pre-arranging means your family will have a guideline to follow for your cremation service when the time comes. Contact Lone Star Cremation about our pre-arranging services today. You can register your information without any commitment. If you change your mind, contact us, and we will delete it. It’s that simple.

Lone Star Cremation has the expertise to help you with the details of your loved one’s Arlington Texas cremation. When you contact Lone Star Cremation, you and your family will be treated with the utmost professionalism and respect. Call Lone Star Cremation today so you can focus on honoring your loved one.

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