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Alvarado, Texas

Lone Star Cremation services enable individuals near Alvarado to cremate their loved ones without any of the hassle that is normally associated with a cremation. In today’s world, many individuals are paying tens of thousands of dollars for a cremation. In most cases, the majority of the costs are spent on preparing the body for viewing. Since the body will usually be burned a few hours later, it can be advantageous to burn the body ahead of time. By doing this, family and friends can just remember the living image of their loved one. This will take a look at how Lone Star Cremation can be a good option for cremation in Alvarado.

Alvarado Cremation

Lone Star Cremation is the first online cremation service in Texas. Unlike other service providers, Lone Star Cremation offers direct cremation. This cremation method sends the deceased loved one directly to the crematorium after death. If family members choose to have a ceremony, they will use the ashes to remember their loved one. This means that families will not need to pay thousands of dollars to prepare the body for viewing. Direct cremation services can also enable family members to host a memorial ceremony at a location of their choosing. For family members, this means that the memorial ceremony does not have to be held at a funeral home. Rather, it can be hosted at any location.

Affordable Packages

At Lone Star Cremation, we offer convenient packages that only charge family members for the services that they want. In today’s world, most funeral homes charge thousands of dollars for additional services. Lone Star Cremation does not force families to purchase additional services that they do not want. Rather, families can focus on covering the costs of the cremation itself. These packages can help families to minimize the stress of having to make funeral arrangements after a loved one dies. By making the funeral process easy, families can focus on recovering and remembering their loved one.

Online Funeral

In today’s world, events are increasingly taking place over the internet. In situations where family members live far away, it could be difficult for everyone to come to the funeral. As a result, many individuals are not able to attend the event. Attending funerals can also cause families to experience financial stress. When taking time off from work, families may be unable to earn enough money to make it through the week. By having an online funeral, families can quickly get back to their ordinary lives.

Licensed Provider

Lone Star Cremation has been licensed in the State of Texas for more than 20 years. As a result, buyers can rest assured that these Alvarado cremation services are legitimate. Unlike ordinary funeral homes, Lone Star Cremation does not have any financial incentive to encourage families to bury their loved ones.  You can begin the arrangement process and see how Lone Star Cremation could be right for you by building your cremation package and getting an online quote.

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