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10 Unique Funeral Ideas for a Personalized Send-Off

10 Unique Funeral Ideas for a Personalized Send-Off

Celebrate the life of your loved one with these unique funeral ideas.

More people are opting for cremation than a traditional burial. Cremation hit an all-time high in 2016 with 50.2 percent of funerals involving cremation. Choosing the right funeral service is a very personal and heartfelt decision to honor an individual.

Are you looking for a creative way to commemorate a loved one that wants to be cremated? Let’s take a look at some unique funeral ideas to remember your loved one.

1. Have a Themed Memorial

Think of something your loved one really enjoyed. Was he a big sports fan? Did she enjoy the movies?

Take this theme to celebrate this person. Attend a sports event after the service, or have a game night. Show the person’s favorite movie, or go to the person’s favorite restaurant.

This is a great way to celebrate someone’s life that is a little out of the ordinary. There are no set rules for a memorial, so don’t feel like you have to do what everyone else does.

2. Unique Dress Code

Not everyone needs to wear black to a funeral service. Change it up a bit and ask guests to wear the person’s favorite color or favorite sports team attire. Or, make it a fancy affair.

You can let people have some fun with bright colors. It will make the service feel a little more personalized. Hand out matching flowers with these bright colors.

3. Host a Scattering Ceremony

If the person wants to be cremated, you can scatter their ashes in a meaningful location. Spread the ashes at a local park, beach, gravesite, or anywhere else that the person would have enjoyed.

You can also plant a memorial tree during that scattering ceremony and spread the ashes by that tree. People can come visit this tree and pay their respects for years after the service.

4. Create a Memory Area

People love to look at old photos and reminisce. This gives people a spot to gather and share memories.

You could even expand this area with notes and memory cards. Guests could write down their memories or their favorite things about this person to share with others.

After the service, the family can save these mementos as a lasting memorial.

5. Hand Out Favors

To thank the memorial service guests, give out your loved one’s favorite things or treats like:

  • Candy
  • Cookies
  • Photos
  • Shot glasses
  • Champagne flutes
  • Candles
  • Favorite recipe card
  • Birdseed packet
  • Playing cards
  • Engraved pen

This keepsake gift is a personalized way for people to remember the deceased and celebrate life.

Flower seed packets are another popular memento. Personalize the packet with the person’s information. Popular flower seed options include forget-me-nots, which are symbolic blue flowers with meaning.

There are several online sites that can personalize these mementos and give you other ideas.

6. Have a Bucket List Event

Did your loved one have something they always wanted to do? You can celebrate his or her life by completing some items on their bucket list.

Be sure to take videos and photos so you can share these experiences on a memorial page. Some of these bucket list ideas could be things like traveling, running a marathon, going to a sporting event, or learning a new skill. This is a unique way to remember the individual and is extremely personal for those that attend.

7. Release Balloons, Birds, or Butterflies

After the service, you can offer a growing tribute by releasing something like balloons, doves, or butterflies after the funeral service. It is a comforting and heartfelt way to say goodbye.

If you choose balloons, you could have guests write messages. Collect these messages and place them inside the balloons.

8. Livestream the Service

Not everyone can make services because of location or other commitments. You can still allow absent family and friends to watch the memorial by streaming it live. This way everyone can still be a part of the service and saying goodbye to the deceased.

You can also have people light a candle where they are at the same time as the service. Keep a candle lit where online viewers can see to make them feel like they are a part of the service.

People can also go back and watch the service again if they choose.

9. Host a Volunteering Event

Helping others is a great way to remember a loved one. Did the person have a favorite cause or organization? You could look for some volunteer opportunities to support this charity and invite others to participate like a cancer walk, visiting the elderly, or supporting a local animal shelter.

You could also create a new volunteer event like a walk, BBQ, game night, or poker run. You could make this an annual event to remember your loved one by naming the event after this person and donating proceeds to the charity of choice.

10. Have a Fireworks Display

Some people want funerals to be more fun and a celebration of life and have things like dancing, upbeat music, and firework displays.

Fireworks can be a beautiful memorial to remember others and is upbeat for others to enjoy. Make sure you find a qualified display team or follow all safety rules and regulations if you choose to do your own.

No one will forget this final send-off. You can also surprise guests after the ceremony to help them smile with the bright, beautiful display.

Some companies will add your loved one’s ashes inside the fireworks for an extremely personalized display.

If you want something a little more low key, try sparklers just after it gets dark for another bright and powerful show.

Unique Funeral Ideas to Honor Your Loved One

We know that losing a loved one is hard. We hope these unique funeral ideas help you as you start thinking about planning a service.

If you are looking for Fort Worth or Dallas cremation services or have some questions, contact us today. We will be happy to assist you and hold your hand along the way as you make decisions to remember your loved one.

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